Apex Empires

Where have we been?

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Hello everyone.

For those of you who are not apart of our official Discord server, there is a high chance that you are unaware of the reason why Apex Empires is currently offline. We're currently working on a completely revamped server network with new features, new cosmetics, a new lobby, and even a new game. A huge reason as to why we are doing this is because the old network's plugins were highly unoptimized which you could actually see by noticing how one Arcade server wanted to be put out of its misery with only 8 people out of the maximum 16. That actually reminds me, we are moving away from our old game hosting server provider, PebbleHost, to a shiny VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is a great thing in my opinion. Having a VPS not only gives us a lot more storage, but we can also use it to automatically create servers when needed along with many other exciting things. We believe that making this switch will change Apex Empires...

Apex Launch Day - 11/14/2020

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Wow, I have lost words to say. I did not expect such a successful launch for Apex Empires, and I would like to personally thank everyone who showed up. I don't even think our servers were expecting over 10 people to get on right away! While frustration may have risen on the Arcade due to heavy server lag near the beginning, we're using this as a learning experience. Within the next few weeks or so, we plan to upgrade allocated memory on mainly our Arcade server and maybe even open up some extra Arcade servers. With this comes funding, and you can help if you so choose to! If you would like to help support Apex Empires, feel free to purchase a rank here. I would like to note that purchasing a rank is completely optional, and we don't want to make you feel like you have to. While it does help Apex Empires, it is completely your choice. Once more, thank you all so much for a great launch that I would have never even imagined, and I hope to...