Server & Website Rules

On the server-side of things for Apex Empires, we want to make sure each and every one of our players are safe and they have a good time. To be sure of this, we ask that you follow the following rules for the Apex Empires Minecraft server.

Chat Rules

1.) Bullying / Rudeness - We do not allow any sort of bullying whatsoever on Apex Empires.
2.) Discrimination / Racism - Please do not discriminate towards others. Treat people with respect, we all are human.
3.) Threatening - Whether it be threatening the server, or threatening someone else, we do not allow any sort of threatening in our chat.
4.) Spamming - We would like to keep our chat box and forums clean from spamming, so please don't do it!
5.) Impersonation - We do not allow impersonation on the server. Please do not act like someone you are not! And trust me, the Planet Minecraft free op trick will not work on us.
6.) Advertisement - Please do not advertise other servers.
7.) Trolling - Just, please don't be a troll.
8.) NSFW Content - Please do not post NSFW/NSFL content on Apex Empires.
9.) Death Wishes - Please do not tell someone to die in real life or say you wish someone died.

Gameplay Rules (Applies in-game)

1.) Cheating - We ask that you let everyone on the server have a good time by not cheating / hacking!
2.) Bug / Glitch Exploiting - We understand that some games may have exploitable bugs, but please don't abuse them by exploiting!

These rules are subject to change at anytime. Staff members that are admins or above have the power to punish you for any sort of reason, even if they are not on this page.