Considering New Game: Escaping Will


Suggestions Team Lead
Suggestions Team
Hi! I have a suggestion for a new game to go into Arcade. It will be called 'Escaping Will'. Simply, you have a parkour course you need to complete while Will the Wolf is chasing you. Whoever makes it to the end first wins! If you are too slow, Will the Wolf will kill you, and you will lose. You have 3 lives, but if you die by Will the Wolf once, it is immediate game over. There are checkpoints you pass, so if you fall into the void once, you get teleported back to the last checkpoint you passed. Once all 3 lives are gone, you lose. After the first person makes it to the end, you have only 30 seconds to make it to the end. If you don't make it to the end in time, you lose. There is also a time limit, which it varies from map to map. The time limit is how long it takes for Will the Wolf to go from the start of the parkour to the end of the parkour. You have a "grace period" of about 5-15 seconds, so Will the Wolf doesn't kill everyone immediately. If everyone dies, then whoever made it the farthest will win. But anyways, that is pretty much the game.

Game Description:

You have been captured by Will the Wolf!
Get to the end of the course to escape Will!
Be careful, don't fall into the void!
Don't go too slow, you will get caught by Will!
Go now, otherwise Will will catch you!


You can't catch me! - 25 wins
Outrunning Will - 50 wins
Escape Artist - 100 wins
Am I safe now? - Pass 100 checkpoints
I have to be close to the exit - Pass 500 checkpoints

NOTE: Winning is getting to the exit first, or by making it the farthest in the parkour course if everyone died.

I hope that you all take my suggestion into consideration, and I hope this game is fun if this game gets added!